Activities on SARS-CoV-2

1. University Regensburg

At the University of Regensburg all important activities concerning the corona crisis are coordinated by Prof. Dr. André Gessner.

Serological tests are to be used in large-scale test series to delete antibodies against SARS-Cov-2. In cooperation with Prof. Ralf Wagner, the scientists want to learn as much as possible about the status of immunity and the number of people who already have antibodies against the virus in their blood. We have been promised that we will be informed about all new steps and that we will be able to provide the readers of our homepage with all news as soon as possible.


2. LMU Munich

Under the direction of Prof. Michael Hölscher, Bavaria is starting a new research project on the corona epidemic and is setting up a council of experts, as Minister President Dr. Markus Söder and Minister of State Bernd Sibler, Prof. Michael Hölscher and Prof. Ulrike Protzer presented today.

Press conference of the Bavarian State Government on current scientific aspects of the corona crisis April 3, 2020


Call of the Bavarian Biotech Cluster to all scientists!

Further information on the new exchange platform can be found on the website