Symposium „New Strategies Against Multiresistant Pathogens“

22nd to 23rd of February

As part of the research network “New strategies against multi-resistant pathogens through digital networking”, an international symposium took place from February 22 to 23. The event at the Biomedical Center (BMC) of the Ludwig Maximilians Universität München welcomed 140 international guests from academia and industry in the field of infection research..

After an introductory talk by Prof. Jochen Maas, who explained the current situation and the associated challenges, manyfold new approaches to diagnosis and therapy of pathogenic bacteria were discussed. Experts from academia and industry presented alternatives to conventional antibiotic therapies, such as approaches based on PNA oligomers, AI-based combination therapies, therapies with small molecules, with antibodies or with bacteriophages. In addition, new diagnostic findings about the function of the immune system and the influence of the metabolome were presented. 

The coffee- and lunch-breaks were actively used for professional exchange and networking. Participants agreed that the event was inspiring and exciting, but also very well-balanced. The program concluded with a panel discussion, moderated by Prof. Horst Domdey, Scientific Director of, on the topic “Facing AMR Reality: New Thinking, New Acting.” Overall, the participants had the chance to enjoy two very exciting and highly inspiring days.

Selected speaker slides for download:

Eleanor Stride_Stimuli responsive systems for targeted delivery of antimicrobial therapy

Fabian Geldmacher_Lysando – From invention to cure

Claudia Sala_Human monoclonal antibodies against antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Münchener Wissenschaftstage 2023

5th to 7th of May, 2023

Yet again, has been represented at the Science Days 2023 in Munich. In the photo gallery below you can find good impressions of the lively atmosphere with interested children and adults, who kept our dedicated scientist on the scene quite busy. Besides extensive illustrative material, an exciting quiz about climate and climate change in Bavaria has been cause for enthusiasm among the visitors.

7th General Meeting

11th of May 2023

The 7th General Meeting took place on May 11, 2023 in the Römerforum of the BioSysM building in Munich. In the spirit of networking, a lively exchange took place, focusing on the current research status of the project groups. In addition, current topics related to digital networking, the exchange and evaluation of data, and the planning of future events were discussed.

Forum Science & Health 2022

05th to 07th of July 2022

The FORUM Science & Health is the interdisciplinary meeting place in Bavaria for everyone interested in life science and biotechnology. It covers a range of relevant topics, connecting players from the fields of biotechnology, medicine, nutrition, medical technology and digitalization to set new impulses for a future-oriented integrated medicine.
The forum facilitates an informative and fruitful exchange about current developments in the sector, novel technologies, interesting new findings and all the hot topics in the field of health research. has again been present with a separate session dedicated to the network entitled Novel biochemical approaches for next generations of antibiotics. Moderated by Andreas Hauser (Digital Networking) it started with a talk by Franziska Faber (Rbiotics) and was followed by a panel with Michael Menden (DynamicKit) and Peter Hammann (scientific advisory board) from the network and Klaus Weinberger (founding director health hub tirol) and Roman Wölfel (director of the institute for microbiology of the Bundeswehr).
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Münchener Wissenschaftstage 2022

24th to 26th of June 2022

2022 saw the long-awaited relaunch of the Münchener Wissenschaftstage, after a two-year hiatus due to Corona. As a combined fair with the MINT-Mitmachmesse FORSCHA, a wide variety of players from research, business and public life presented themselves. Visitors could playfully try out, participate, and inform themselves with a view to school, training, study and career.

Of course, was present again this year, in a combined showcase with its partner network bayklif. From June 24 to 26, children and adults could puzzle over questions about the immune system and antibiotic resistances in an “edutaining” quiz at the stand. In addition, Simon Heckscher from the working group of PD Dr. Katja Dettmer-Wilde (Metabodefense) gave an exciting lecture on the use of mass spectrometry in space travel.

The first picture shows the Bavarian State Minister for Culture and Education, Prof. Dr. Michael Piazolo, in conversation with Dr. Sabine Rösler.

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Analytica 2022

21th to 24th of June 2022

After missing out for two years due to the global pandemic, the world’s leading trade fair analytica, at which manufacturers and researchers have been presenting innovative laboratory technology and pioneering biotechnology for decades, could be held again in Munich this year. As the world’s largest science fair, it brings together the complete range of topics for laboratories in industry and research.

This year was also present withan exhibition stand, kindly hosted Dr. Ulrike Kaltenhauser and Andreas Hauser. Many new contacts were made and productive discussions were held.

A special highlight was the award of researcher Dr. Katja Dettmer-Wilde, who was awarded the Gerhard Hesse Prize of the German Chemical Society.

Further information on the trade fair:


6th. General Meeting

27th of April 2022

On April 27, 2022, the network met with about 50 participants in the beautiful Thon-Dittmer-Palais in Regensburg. It was a fruitful exchange that showed how important it is to finally be able to meet and network in person again. Particularly noteworthy was the hospitality, as well as the exemplary preparation and implementation by the Regensburg team around Prof. André Gessner. In terms of content, the project groups presented the current state of research to each other in short presentations and discussed the already intensive networking for the purpose of further deepening.

5th. General Meeting

25th of Octobre 2021

The fifth member meeting could finally be held in presence again after a break due to corona. On October 25, 2021, the network was welcomed by the researchers in Würzburg. Since a lot of data had already been uploaded to the cloud, the office was looking forward to discussing with the attendees to what extent the groups could benefit from the data made available to each other in order to further strengthen networking.

Münchener Wissenschaftstage 2021

8th to 10th of Octobre 2021

Postponed several times due to the pandemic: Finally, the Munich Science Days took place again! On Friday, 8.10.2021, the doors opened at the Museum of Transport and exciting research projects could be marveled at for three days.

The office presented the research network at its booth: With a quiz, children and adults learned interesting facts about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance in a playful way. There was a great turnout and participation was rewarded with great prizes such as mouse pads or plaster boxes. The young visitors in particular were thrilled to see how exciting real research can be. All in all a successful event!

4th. General Meeting

29th of June 2021

The 4th general meeting, which again could not take place in presence, served in particular the planning of the interim review, as well as the renewed presentation of the research progress by the project groups, especially with regard to the current data situation and networking.

3rd. General Meeting

4th of March 2021

The general meeting was again held by video conference. For the purpose of evaluating the research status, the project groups presented their respective progress in presentations.

3rd. Meeting "Digital Networking"

1st of Decembre 2020

The second digital networking meeting was held as a digital video conference due to the pandemic situation. Topics were continuous data collection and analysis (meta data) and introduction to and setup of a Gitlab server, data pipelines (LMOD), email groups for (meta) data and the BSI guideline for video conferencing.

2nd. General Meeting

15h of Octobre 020

Due to the worldwide rampant pandemic, the general meeting took place virtually. Topics were, among others, the exchange about the research status of the projects, introduction of new staff members, the cooperation agreement, the presentation of innovations in data management and computer server, a newly designed website, the newsletter, as well as the planning of public events.

2nd. Meeting "Digital Networking / Data People"

5th of May 2020

The meeting was again realized as a video conference and covered the topics Data Storage, Compute Server, Nextcloud and Gitlab. Afterwards, there was room for an open discussion and a general exchange.

1st. Meeting "Digital Networking"

2nd of March 2020

Digital networking is an integral part of’s approach as a research network. Accordingly, in addition to the usual membership meetings, special meetings are held that are dedicated to the topic of digital data exchange. The first meeting of this kind, which was held both in person and virtually, focused on the establishment of a common data platform (Nextcloud), data management, and the use of the server that has been set up.

1st. General Meeting

24th of January 2020

The 1st meeting of the Bavarian research network – New strategies against multi-resistant pathogens by means of digital networking – was dominated by the idea of getting to know each other for the first time. Accordingly, all research projects included in the funding introduced themselves in the context of a short presentation. Contacts were made, digital networking planned and organizational issues explained.

Forum Science & Health 2019

3rd to 4th of June 2019

On July 3, 2019, the office organized the workshop “Infections and Resistances” as part of the Forum Science & Health 2019 in Kloster Fürstenfeld. After the exciting insights, from Dr. Hannelore Meyer on the challenges posed to our society by the increasingly rapid development of multi-resistant pathogens, a lively and engaged discussion followed on what effects are to be expected both in terms of human health but also for the national economy and what measures are now to be implemented immediately in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

The experts focused on the question of which new paths must be taken in order to find viable solutions for future generations. A central point that was repeatedly addressed in this context is the need for scientists to make their data directly available for medicine and research in the future and not to wait until they have been published. Prof. Dr. Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute told the audience: “The collected data are more precious than gold, we have to lift this treasure of knowledge quickly and benefit from it in order to help people”.