Summary of the Conference: “New Strategies against Multi-Resistant Pathogens.” 

Eindrücke vom Symposium 2024

As part of the research network “New strategies against multi-resistant pathogens through digital networking”, an international symposium took place from February 22 to 23. The event at the Biomedical Center (BMC) of the Ludwig Maximilians Universität München welcomed 140 international guests from academia and industry in the field of infection research..

After an introductory talk by Prof. Jochen Maas, who explained the current situation and the associated challenges, manyfold new approaches to diagnosis and therapy of pathogenic bacteria were discussed. Experts from academia and industry presented alternatives to conventional antibiotic therapies, such as approaches based on PNA oligomers, AI-based combination therapies, therapies with small molecules, with antibodies or with bacteriophages. In addition, new diagnostic findings about the function of the immune system and the influence of the metabolome were presented. 

The coffee- and lunch-breaks were actively used for professional exchange and networking. Participants agreed that the event was inspiring and exciting, but also very well-balanced. The program concluded with a panel discussion, moderated by Prof. Horst Domdey, Scientific Director of, on the topic “Facing AMR Reality: New Thinking, New Acting.” Overall, the participants had the chance to enjoy two very exciting and highly inspiring days.